UX and Product Design


Zamboni® wanted to create a brand new product that would take data from the ice resurfacer machine and present it in a useful way to the customer.

I took an idea that started out as a slide in a powerpoint deck and fleshed it out into wireframes to communicate our idea effectively to the offsite dev team. Over the course of the next few months we went discussed and I iterated the wireframes to provide clarification to the dev team. User Flows, wireframes and scenarios were created as part of our refinement process. We regularly communicated over phone meetings and managed the rest of the project tasks and communication over Basecamp.

After a short few months we launched the product with a landing page, teaser video, and social media and email campaigns.

Project Details

Web App
Mobile App
User Flow

Project Participants

Paula Coony Brand Manager
Julian Gardner, Engineer
Reena Ngauv designer

Offsite development team