Brochures and Portfolio Folder Design


Zamboni® Company had been in the ice resurfacing industry for many years. It was time to update their sales materials, brochures and portfolio folders. Paula Coony, Brand Manager at Zamboni Company put me to task. Redesign / refresh / rejuvenate the materials to stand out in the ice resurfacing industry.

After lots of research, I proposed reorienting the brochures which were vertical to horizontal to better “show-off” the picture of the entire machine. From that jumping point, I created a deck of brochures for each of the 11 models of product with a standard brochure template that I designed. The new brochures can literally be laid out like a “deck of cards” to show off all the models with the model tag information in the same place on each brochure.

The design refresh of the brochures led us to refresh the portfolio folder that the company sends out with each bid. If you want to stand out in your industry, don’t do what everyone else does. While a portfolio folder is an added opportunity to add copy and images to talk about your brand, it is also an added opportunity for personality. In a space that is becoming increasingly crowded with competitors, I suggested making the portfolio folder also horizontally oriented to show off the brochures and to use it to make an impact. Imagine receiving a bid in folder that looked like the machine itself! Talk about making a great first impression upon the customer.

Project Details

InDesign Template
Icon Design
Photo editing in Photoshop

Project Participants

Paula Coony Brand Manager
Reena Ngauv Digital Product Designer