Alana Chan Consulting


Alana was a distinguished VP of Digital Content who transitioned into consulting for herself. She wanted a logo to make her stand out from the pack.

I created a logo for her that was not only professional but playful and was a nod to her experience in kids toys and games. The “wedge C” in her logo seems ready to devour the rest of the letters in her logo another nod to a ___-man game of the past.

Not only that, I suggested a flexible logo color scheme. Similar to what Google does when they recolor their logo from time to time to celebrate events. The logo shape remains the same but she has the flexibility to swap out the color scheme to match the genre of the client. Pitching to a client in the girl gaming space? Pick one of the 3 color schemes to put into that deck or proposal. Pitching to a client in both the girl and boy toy space, pick a gender neutral color scheme such as purple zest, or purple gray.

This added color scheme flexibility allowed her to let her personality stand out in her proposal and pitches. No need to be fuddy duddy and stuck with something when you yourself are flexible in the gaming space.

Needless to say, she loves it.

Project Details


Project Participants

Alana Chan Consultant
Reena Ngauv designer